1.70 Euro/m³ Sewage fee
depending on fresh water consumption, minus a flatrate of 10% for garden watering, etc.

0,50 Euro/m² Storm water fee
For sealed areas, discharging into public sewers (roofs, roads etc.)

6,00 Euro/m² Dirty water from septic tanks
Extraction, removal and treatment in sewage works

590,00 Euro/m Compensation for the production of connecting sewers
For the construction, replacement or repair of combined, sanitary or rainwater sewer, carried out by Stadtentwässerung Kaiserslautern, including all pavement, groundwork and sewer work.

Fee charge

Fee charge is carried out in three categories and only by notification. There is no separate calculation of sales tax. The assessment notice is issued by Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern - SWK.

Sewage disposal from watertight catch basins

Stadtentwässerung Kaiserslautern or a contractor approved by Stadtentwässerung is responsible for the disposal of wastewater from watertight catch basins. Based on a disposal certificate owners receive a written notification of fees.

Storm water fee

This fee is charged at the end of each calendar year. The written notice states the fee for the period under review, deducting the advance payments made, the amount to be paid and the due date of payment. Eleven advance payments and the due dates are determined for the following year. The Euro amount of such advance payments is rounded up. The basis of fee calculation is the relevant area as stated in the fee assessment notice and indicated in the annex of this notice as assessed area in m2 per year or the billing period. It is then multiplied by the applicable fee for the period to be billed, thus giving the annual fee. The column assessed days shows again the billing period in days. The charged fee is the fee determined for the relevant period.

Wastewater fee

The relevant fee is calculated on the basis of the drinking water consumption in accordance with the billing by TWK. If no further deduction of sewage quantities is made, 90 of one hundred parts of the drinking water consumed will be charged.

The notice states the fee for the relevant period, deducting any advance payments made so far, the amount to be paid and the due date. Eleven advance payments and the due dates are determined for the following year. The amount of the advance payments is rounded up and makes up 1/11 of the annual consumption determined.